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Travel: Crawfish Boil

This past weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to a crawfish boil, and while the weather in Ohio was a far cry from the lazy heat of Louisiana–I’m talking snow, in April–we had an incredible time.
The crawfish were flown in from Louisiana Friday night and were picked up at the airport Saturday morning.  There were 100 pounds of the things, along with Venison jalapeño poppers which were amazing, and gumbo.  Spicy cajun sausage, potatoes, and corn were served alongside the crawfish and as the day went on, the batches got spicier and spicier.  We were freezing but our mouths were on fire.

Lawn games, dogs, and people gathered around a big pile of food served on newspaper is my favorite kind of party.  We were so happy to have been invited and to check out Ohio.
Nothing says Spring like crawfish, and it’s a good thing because with snow in April, I’m needing all the reminders I can get.
This time, instead of pictures, I made a little video of all the fun times, which by the way, was so much fun to make.  Let me know what you think, because I’m thinking videos would be a fun little addition to this blog!  Who knows, maybe if I get brave enough, I’ll even do a cooking demo.
That gives me the shakes just thinking about how awkward I would be, so maybe not.

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