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Move: Pittsburgh, PA

Sometime this month my view will change.  It will change from this:

To this:

That’s Pittsburgh!  That’s right, the Two Recipes kitchen is heading west.

Moving is huge.  It’s a big decision that was almost a year in the making but only about two weeks in the actual execution.  K is already there; he’s working and learning and exploring western PA and I’ll be meeting him before the month is over, which is really less than 10 days.

I’m excited.  I picked up and moved to Boston, able to count the people I knew there on one hand, so new cities are fun for me.  I’m excited for a new challenge, for new scenery, and for being near family.  I’m excited that K and I will be embarking on this adventure together, and I’m really, extremely, totally, head over heels excited for a dishwasher.

Yes, I’ll have a dishwasher!  I’m moving west and up in the world.

It’s scary in the way that big change can be scary.  It’s like that feeling when you’re clicking up the incline of a roller coaster.  You click up and up, painfully slow, knowing that a huge drop awaits you and after that, twists, turns, and loops.  When you reach the top, you look over that drop and all that awaits you, and while half of your brain, the half that is making your knuckles white, is calling you a lunatic, the other half is saying You are safe.  You are strapped in.  Put your arms up and let’s enjoy this!  

I’ve always been inclined to the latter.

I’ll miss Boston, for sure.  I love it here and really felt like I came into my own while living here.  But Boston will always be here, change is inevitable, and now is the time.  I’ll still cook, write, and take pictures and you’ll still hear all about it.  Moving cities is the biggest Detour of all and I can’t wait to share the adventure!

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