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Party: Wedding Bells–The Rehearsal

We’re going to the Chapel.  Well, not me.

Those cuties up there are my little brother and his little wife, who got married New Years Eve in Austin TX.  I spent all of 10 days in Texas over the holidays, and I was so excited when their big day finally arrived.  It was full of love, friends, family, love, music and did I mention love?

The weekend’s festivities started with the wedding rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.  My parents hosted the rehearsal dinner at an awesome place called Abel’s on the Lake.  The theme was Mexican Cantina and the decorations, all D-I-Y by my talented Mama, are what Pinterest dreams are made of.

Every single one of those paper flowers, which were heaped on table after table, were homemade.  As in, my mom sat in front of the TV night after night making tissue-paper flowers and was devastated when she was finished because she loves a project.  The maracas party favors were special ordered and served as awesome toast-appreciation sound, and the gift tags were custom designed by the bride herself, who also happens to have designed my Two Recipes banner!  The colorful paper bunting was hung with care by a groomsman in cowboy boots who stood too high on that ladder if you ask me.

I happily served as a bridesmaid and like all good bridesmaids do, during the rehearsal I stood where I was told and paid attention to my mark.  This was absolutely necessary because I knew full well that the next day I’d be far to nervous and emotional to be trusted to stand where I was supposed to.  I did have to climb a number of stairs to stand in my place, a fact my mom so graciously pointed out as I walked up the aisle in my sky-high red heels.  “Don’t fall!” she said.  Because that always helps.

The rehearsal dinner was next, so off to the lake we went.  They served Mexican beer and Sangria along with stuffed jalapeño appetizers.  This was followed by steak and chicken fajitas with all the fixings.  For dessert my mom made Polvorones, or Mexican wedding cookies, and ordered sticky pecan pralines from a local candy maker.  Everything was absolutely delicious.

All of my favorites were there, those who I call “my team,” including my handsome date, my cousins and my very best friends from home.  It was so great to catch up with everyone and to celebrate little brother’s big day.

We did all the toasts at the Rehearsal dinner, with only the bride’s father speaking at the wedding reception.  This meant that there were a lot of people who had something to say, which was so special.  I still see my brother and his friends as kids, probably because I still see myself as a kid, so for those boys to get up and speak so sincerely was really moving.  And then.  And then I had to speak.

This is not a good picture, I’m aware of that.  This shows you how much I like you all.

I had a speech all prepared.  Memorized, even.  It was short and sweet–in and out.  I was the one that introduced my brother to his now wife, so I had it easy, right?  Right.  I took the microphone, introduced myself to a room in which every single person had pretty much seen me grow up, then proceeded to speak.  I got about 8 words in and lost it.  Luckily I hadn’t planned to talk that long.  It’s my little brother, you know?

Toasts and speeches continued throughout the night.  People laughed, I cried, Stratton started his speech by asking people to “please look for his iPhone, no seriously, it’s missing.”  We’re clearly cut from the same cloth, me and him.

Then, it was Dad’s turn.

If you’re thinking that his devilish grin and beckoning gesture doesn’t say, conventionally, “Best wishes to the bride and groom” you would be correct.

Yes, there were back-up dancers.  Yes, there was a choreographer.  Yes, there was a mash-up of pop music through the ages.

Dad and two of Stratton’s oldest and closest friends practiced for months to be able to pull off the 6-minute routine without a hitch.  I’m talking not a single step out of place.  They were pros and had clearly taken this endeavor very seriously.  Needless to say it was the hit of the night.  Dad’s got moves, I have to say, and my brother and his wife could not have been more surprised.

Oh, did you want to see it?  Are these teaser pictures not enough for you?  Well, you can, because it’s on Youtube.  My dad’s on Youtube.

My family’s fun.

Stay tuned for fun from the glitzy New Years Eve ceremony and reception and for the worlds best wedding cake, ever.  Really.  Come for the pictures, stay for the cake.

2 thoughts on “Party: Wedding Bells–The Rehearsal

  1. My mom actually bought those at TJ Maxx last year–they were on sale and there were quite a few of them, so she bought all they had! Because TJ Maxx and Homegoods don't usually stock the same things everywhere, or more than once, I can't tell you exactly where to find them, however if you look at stores like that before or right after Summer, you might have some luck! Thanks for reading!

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