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Plan: 2012 Report Card

It’s that time of year again, folks.  The time where I make my annual resolutions.  I bet most people have already broken there resolutions with the reality of unbelievably high gym costs and too many potato chips, but me?  I haven’t even started!  Procrastination and arbitrary “anniversaries,” like this blog’s 2-year-old birthday, which happens to be tomorrow, are the keys to my New Year’s success.

In light of my new career move, which isn’t actually new but is just finally underway, I’ve decided this year’s review is going to be in the form of a report card.  Just like back in the day when you were graded on the hard skills, in this case last year’s resolutions, I’m also going to be grading on soft skills, like superlatives.  Most likely to succeed, right this way.

We’ll start with the superlatives. 

Most popular post, 2012:

Lemon Garlic Sole

Most Used Search Term, 2012:

Breakfast Enchilada Casserole

Most Pinned Recipe on Pinterest, 2012:

Buffalo Chicken Baked Flautas.  Pinners love buffalo chicken.

Teacher’s Pet, 2012:

Baked Pumpkin Shells and Cheese.  

Newcomer Award, 2012:

The Detours column, the first installment of which was Bear Mountain.  Oktoberfest in the middle of a Fall day can’t be beat.

Most Likely to Succeed in Online Contests, 2012

Barbecue Grilled Lamb Sliders (and you, naturally.  You’re votes are awesome!)

And now for my own resolutions.  

1.  Learn how to use my camera— A

While I’m still not perfect, and the term ISO still scares me a little bit, my picture quality has undeniably gotten better.  See for yourself.



2. Write More.  Pay attention to this space and commit to the content, design, and food— C

If my average baseline was to write twice a week, which would be 104 posts this year, I’d say a C is pretty generous.  November alone should bump me down to an F.  But I’m all about second chances, and I’ve never gotten an F before, so I don’t intend to now, even if this report card is made up and I’m the one grading myself.  Does that make me neurotic?  Don’t answer that.

3.  I resolve to eat healthier and be healthier—A+, baby!

That’s right, an A+.  I’m down a considerable number on the scale, but more importantly, I finally, finally, feel good.  A year ago I resolved to figure out what was making me so sick after meals, and after countless tests, doctors, pokes and prods, I saw a doctor who finally listened to me and figured it out.  Two weeks later I was down a gallbladder, and three weeks later I was blown away not only at how amazing I felt, but how sick I hadn’t realized I was.  It’s amazing how feeling good changes your outlook.

4.  Learn How to Bake—A


Moving on.

5. I resolve to put thought and care into my future while staying present—Incomplete

2012 was a banner year for me professionally.  I finished my Masters of Arts in Teaching, I applied for teaching licensure, I fell in love with a school and a fantastic group of 3rd graders, and I realized that not only do I love this, not only does it inspire me and give me a rush every time I stand up in front of the class, but I’m actually kind of good at it.  And I’m ok with saying that!

The incomplete is because, well, it is.  Careers are fluid, not static.  Being present, by definition, is ongoing, as every day is a new one.  I’m very proud of my accomplishments this year but I am in no way finished.

Reflection is crucial to goal setting, and while I have more than enough room for improvement, looking back and taking stock of my progress throughout the year is extremely gratifying.  I would recommend everyone taking a moment and patting themselves on the back.  Humble brag, sure.  I’m embracing it, and you should too.

2013, I’m coming for you!

2 thoughts on “Plan: 2012 Report Card

  1. Happy New Year 2013!!!!! please keep doing what you are doing, I love your recipes, as a matter of fact your potato soup was and the inspiration for my dinner yesterday.

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