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Party: Merry Christmas from the Family

I’m currently sitting here surrounded by the incredible smells of my Aunt Joan’s cooking, which involves turkey, dressing (NOT stuffing!), multiple fried side dishes, and my all time favorite, pecan pie.  It’s cold and rainy out, and promising to snow later.  There’s a glass of Pinot Noir next to me because it’s Christmas so 5:00 rules don’t apply.  Also?  My mom got Homeland Season 1 on DVD from Santa, and although I’ve already seen it, I plan on hunkering down with a belly full of food, and reliving all the intrigue that is Carrie and Brody.

Do you watch this?  Is that a dumb question?  It’s my favorite show, maybe ever.

It’s a great day, and I am blessed.  I wish you all the happiness and warmth of the season, and hope that whatever your traditions, beliefs, or plans today, you take a moment to take stock of your blessings as well.

Happy Holidays, dear readers.  I’m really thankful for each and every one of you!

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