Friday Finds / See Hatsie List

List: Friday Finds

A little glimpse into my world this week.  It’s pink and I love it.

It’s Friday, folks, and that means you get a list.  It also means I look through my Reader and other various food sites to find stellar examples of the thing I’m thinking about most.

I seem to always be hungry when I do this.  Today was no exception.  I think it’s a chicken and egg type thing.  Mmm.  Eggs.
This week’s list is inspired by my slight freak out and subsequent love song to sweet potato pizza.  That’s right.  I give you…
Pizza, In All It’s Glory
  1. When making pizza, you must start with the crust.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, is talking about Jim Lahey’s no-knead pizza dough.  Every photograph I see of it looks stunning.
  2. Margherita pizza can do no wrong.  It’s classic, pure, and reliable.  
  3. But if you want to get a little wild, guess what?  It’s pizza so you absolutely can!  Corn, lime, zucchini, SUMMER.  It’s coming, ya’ll.  
  4. If I’m ordering pizza, I like Italian sausage as a topping.  I would like to order this right this minute.  
  5. Bon Appetit makes pizza in a cast iron skillet.  Of course they do.  
  6. I think my love for figs on pizza has been adequately explained here, but this one, with arugula and walnuts, looks heavenly.  
  7. And if you haven’t already, for the love of Pete, put an egg on it.  
  8. Tracy knows a thing or two about pizza, that’s why she’s on here twice.  Brussels and bacon on pizza? Get out!
  9. Shrimp, mushroom and pesto pizza sounds elegant and refined.  Pizza can do everything.  
  10. Caramelized onions.  Gorgonzola.  Avocado.  I think this pizza was made especially for me.   Like a soul-pizza.  A pizza-mate.  A Soul-Pizza-Mate.
Anyway.  I’m going to go find something for dinner and try to ignore the pizza take out menu on my refrigerator.  Or maybe I won’t!  Happy weekend!

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