Friday Finds / See Hatsie List

List: Friday Finds

It’s Texas Independence Day, y’all!  This has nothing to do with food, the following list, or Friday, for that matter, but I thought I’d share the news and provide you with a quick peek into what I got to experience in Austin last weekend.  Cowboy boots.  Shelves and shelves of colorful, hand crafted cowboy boots.  I want.

Tonight it would be appropriate, if you felt so inclined, to grab a cold Shiner Bock and eat some barbecue.  Brisket, preferably.  No pressure, though.

In other news, here’s a list of things I’ll be cooking in the upcoming week:

  1. Joy the Baker wrote a cookbook and everyone’s swooning over it!  I’m making these blueberry muffins for a staff meeting on Monday.
  2. I’m also making Joy’s shredded beef sandwiches for Sunday dinner…
  3. …with homemade hamburger buns!  I’m totally into this bread baking thing.
  4. Along with the sandwiches, I’m making  forked oven-roasted potatoes.  I like that they are striped.  I’m big on prints.
  5. I’m also thinking of making these roasted chickpeas for a healthy snack throughout the week.  They look crunchy, which intrigues me.  And Sriracha can do no wrong.
  6. For weeknight meals, I’m making a pasta bake that is inspired by this divine looking lasagna, but is super simplified because generally I like to eat my dinner before midnight.
  7. Potato pizza will also be happening.  Finally, right?  What have I been waiting for?
  8. And just for fun, this sesame dip looks pretty interesting.  I love soy sauce.  Love it.  

That’s what I have planned for the weekend and early part of next week.  Other than that, I’m taking my final MTEL (the test I have to take to become a certified teacher) and with the rest of my time, I’m going to relax.  I think it will be a lovely. 
Happy Friday!

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