Friday Finds / See Hatsie List

List: Friday Finds

Happy Friday friends!  This is the start of a week-long vacation week that will involve cooking, cleaning, shopping and manicures, then end in Austin with some of my very favorite people.  I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Do you follow me on Twitter?  If so, you know that this past weekend I made homemade, fresh, warm, crusty baguettes (recipe coming soon!) and was super proud of myself.  I may have posted about it more than a couple of times.  Because of this, and my success at homemade soft pretzels, the unthinkable has happened.  Yep.  I’ve caught the baking bug.  
This week’s list is all about bread.  What can I say, I’m obsessed!
  1. I’ve had my eye on this cinnamon-sugar pull apart bread for about a year now.  Now that I’m not afraid of yeast, it’s happening. 
  2. Homemade bagels!  Salt bagels are my favorite.  And Everything bagels.  And Asiago cheese bagels.  And all bagels.  
  3. This oatmeal molasses bread looks rustic and hearty. Perfect for morning toast! 
  4. You know that brown bread from Outback Steakhouse?  Well, I would make a meal out of that, and have.  This bread looks like that, and it makes me happy.
  5. Rosemary Focaccia bread would be good with anything, especially olive oil and salt.  
  6. This loaf of bread has ricotta and olive oil in it!  Homemade bread and homemade cheese means a weekend of fun for me! 
  7. This no-knead bread has been all the rage on the Internet for a while now.  I’m going to join the fun.
  8. Finally, the mother of all bread endeavors: Croissants.  If I can make croissants correctly, I’ll call myself a baker.  I’ll have done it!
Get ready for some bread, folks.  Oh, and I learned something last week: Don’t bake while wearing black.  Flour.  Everywhere.  

Have a great weekend!  

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