Friday Finds / See Hatsie List

List: Friday Finds

This is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  I like football a lot, but that isn’t why–I honestly don’t care who wins this game on Sunday.  No, what I like about this week is that my Google Reader is flooded with all the food I dream about but rarely let myself have.  Yep.  It’s Super Bowl food, and you better believe it’s fried, it’s cheesy, and it’s mouthwatering.

Thank you football.

Here are some of the game-day worthy things that caught my eye this week.

  1. Baked potato chips.  Potato chips, baked.  These would be perfect with some blue cheese dip.
  2. Another kind of chips, only fried, and with pickles.  I want.  Now.
  3. A lighter version of Caesar salad means I can eat more pickle chips, right?  Perfect.    
  4. Garlicky shrimp is always a crowd pleaser.  Just make sure when you’re yelling for that QB, that you’re doing so away from your fellow party goers.  It’s the garlic, not you.
  5. Jalapeno poppers and grilled cheese sandwiches create happiness together just for us.  
  6. Bake these mozzarella sticks. It’s all of the cheesy glory, without the fried mess.  
  7. Pizza is classic party food, but put some potato on yours, and you’re everyone’s new best friend.  (Psst… you could even use this pizza dough…)
  8. These little sliders are called football sandwiches.  I’ve actually had them before and I’m telling you, they’re the best.  Make these.  I want some right now. 
  9. Homemade soft pretzel dough, wrapped around a hot dog.  Pretzel Dogs.  Beautiful.  
  10. What’s a party without something sweet?  After all that salt, I’m going to want one of these chubby hubby bars.  It’s got everything in the world that I like.  Including salt.  What?
Come Monday morning I’m going to be in the gym, sweating all of this off, but on Sunday, I’m going to enjoy myself, enjoy football, and eat some pickle chips and pretzel dogs.  You should too.
Happy weekend!

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