Friday Finds / See Hatsie Cook

List: (Saturday) Friday Finds

This is my weekend.

I was at a meeting yesterday and got a flat tire on the way home.  Then I got stuck in traffic, because the tire was changed just in time for rush hour.  Then I almost ran out of gas.  Then I got gas.  Then I did not go to the gym.  Then I came home, drank a glass of wine, watched Thursday night shows, and turned my brain off.

Thus, my weekly list of lovelies comes on Saturday this week.  Sorry!

  1. That fried chicken on the cover of Bon Appetit has decided to camp out in my brain.  These wings help distract me.
  2. Also, this chicken.  It’s a combination of fried and roasted chicken, and I like that very much.
  3. Now I need to find something to help distract me from these salty, crunchy darlings.  I’ll let you know how it goes.
  4. I pinned this earlier this week because here’s something you should know about me: if you put avocado on something, I will want it.  
  5. There’s something so enticing to me about pizza in a cast-iron skillet.  It feels rustic, and I don’t have to sleep outdoors.  
  6. This tortellini soup is perfect for the pea pesto tortellini that is currently in my freezer.
  7. Sloppy Joes, Tex-Mex style, with spicy jalapenos and guacamole.  See #4.  
  8. When life gets busy, the first things to go are the things I don’t particularly care for.  Like cleaning.  I need help.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!  Go eat something delicious, why don’t you!?

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