Friday Finds / See Hatsie List

List: Friday Finds

Happy Friday!  It’s a snowy one here in Boston, but I’m actually not complaining.  We’ve had so little of it this Winter that I was starting to miss it.

Though two hundred year old sidewalks + snow + me = danger.  Believe this.
Aside from the beautiful Winter wonderland I’m suddenly a part of, here are some other things that are inspiring me this week:
  1. This soup looks awesome, but the crispy prosciutto shards are calling to me in a bad way.  
  2. This Dr. Pepper cake is a slice of home.  
  3. I love Pinterest, but let’s be honest; some of the things on there are wacko. That’s why I love this website almost as much.
  4. I’ve watched every season of the Bachelor for the last 10 years.  Ten years.  It’s more of a tradition now than anything, and this blog’s recaps make me giggle the day after the Monday-night-drama-cry-fest.  
  5. Do you listen to Podcasts?  I don’t, except for this one, and I never miss an episode.  
  6. I found a new-to-me blog this week called The Pasta Man.  I think I’ve found my new best friend.
  7. Because I never stop thinking about Mexican food, ever, these enchiladas are making me drool.  
  8. Finally, this story truly shows how wonderful people are.  I found it to be the most inspiring of them all, and I sure did hug my rescue kitty a little tighter.  Watch the video and just try not to smile.  I dare ya.
Hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing, warm weekend!

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