Resolutions and Report Cards

Plan: I did it!

What a year.  I know the New Year has come and gone, and most of you are settling into what I call the January Slumps.  It’s that cold, gray time that immediately follows all the light and sparkle (and food) of the holidays.  Last year, I was doing the same thing–settling in–until I decided to go to and commit myself to writing my adventures and misadventures in my unbelievably small kitchen for all to see.  It was my Resolution, to eat better and get excited about cooking and eating, and with that I sent out a very timid email to my closest friends and family with a very simple plea: “be kind.”

And you really were!  It still blows my mind that people read this stuff, and I’m really grateful and humbled.  It’s so much fun for me; I get to cook, write, eat, research, and basically immerse myself in food.  How wonderful.

I went to some conferences, participated in a cooking contest, gave away an apron, and got lots of new toys, some of which are now overflowing into the living space of my apartment because my kitchen can only hold so much.  I’ve never really had a hobby before, and I’m loving every minute of it.

But let’s get down to business.  One year ago today I resolved to try two new recipes per week for one whole year.  Lets do some math:

52 weeks x 2 recipes per week = 104 recipes.  

I posted 129 times in 2011.

I did it!

My kitchen survived, if a little worse for wear, and I did too, even if that means this year the gym and I are becoming fast friends.

Which brings me to 2012.  Resolutions are evidently my January 10th tradition.

I resolve to learn how to use my new camera and to learn about aperture, ISO, white balance, and exposure.  It’s fun, intimidating and exiting.

I resolve to write more, pay more attention to this space I’ve created and enjoy so much, and commit to the content, design, and food.  I even have a calendar of future posts, because calendars make me follow through.  Did I mention I’m a dot com?  I’m well on my way.

I resolve to eat healthier and be healthier, which means less carbs, less fat, and more movement.  It also means long overdue trips to doctors’ offices.  I despise doctors’ offices.

I resolve to learn how to bake, specifically with my newest and most beloved toy.  That’s right folks, I can stop dreaming because thanks to a handsome gentleman, they’ve all come true!

I resolve to put thought and care into my future, but still be present.  This year I’ll be transitioning into a new career, finishing my Master’s degree, and trying my very hardest to get it together.  These things stress me out just typing them, which brings me to the latter part of this resolution: be present.  Look around more.  Admire.  Sit still.

I will still write, still cook, and definitely still eat.  I’m hoping you’ll come along with me to keep me accountable and keep me company.

No recipes today, just resolutions.  But just you wait; I have stand mixer adventures to report!  It’s amazing.  But you already knew that.  Happy new year!


5 thoughts on “Plan: I did it!

  1. Congrats, Hatsie! I must say I'm glad you “successfully” completed your resolution because if not I would have never been able to enjoy so many of your yummy recipes! Keep 'em coming!


  2. I am so very proud of you friend! You have conquered a resolution and the blog world! Way to go! Just reading this post made me miss you! Your personality really comes through in your writing! Good luck in your upcoming year! 🙂
    Kara Stringer

  3. I am just so happy to have taken 129 peeks into that tiny kitchen and your BIG life, sister! I know this next year will be just as fun and fulfilling! Love your writing. Truly love it.

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