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Plan: Another New Year!

Well folks, Happy New Year!  I hate to sound cliche, but 2011 flew by, didn’t it?  But really, what year doesn’t?  I’m thinking that a year that drags means it’s a year that is probably not filled with exciting, forward propelling things.  That’s not a life I want to live.  Luckily, this year, I didn’t!

Here’s a little recap for you:
The most popular post on the site thus far is this delicious, mayonnaise-less Dijon Potato Salad.
My favorite recipe of the year was what I like to call Risotto Bliss.
But these cookies were pretty awesome too.
I made Ricotta Cheese from scratch!
I ate way too much  pasta.
And most excitingly, I don’t know if you noticed this or not, but if you look up at the top of your screen, you may just notice that I’m now a dot com! is where you can find me from now on!
It has all been wonderful and exciting and delicious and I loved it all.  Every single bite.  
But it’s not over yet!  The food journey is continuing into this new year and I can’t wait for the delicious bites to come.  I do hope you’ll join me!

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