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Party: American Lamb Pro-Am

If you read Two Recipes, are my friend on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, or, I don’t know, have sat next to me on the subway in the past month or so, you’ve heard that I recently competed in the first ever American Lamb Pro-Am.  I’ve talked about it a lot.

If you haven’t done any of those things, let’s re-cap:

  1. emailed me and asked if I wanted to participate in the American Lamb Pro-Am.
  2. I said yes.
  3. I went to Russell House Tavern and asked the hostess where it was that I was supposed to pick up my lamb.
  4. The hostess looked at me like I was crazy.
  5. I found people at the bar who were also waiting for lamb while the hostess figured out why there were 3 women sitting at the bar asking for an uncooked leg of lamb.
  6. I got the lamb and took it home.
  7. The lamb sat in my refrigerator overnight.  This isn’t important, but it did happen.
  8. I got home from work at 6:30pm
  9. I cooked the lamb and made taco accoutrements
  10. We ate dinner at 11:30pm.  We were sleepy, but it was delicious.
  11. I blogged about Roast Lamb Tacos
  12. You people voted for me like crazy.
  13. I fell in love with each and every one of you.
  14. I made it to the top 4!
  15. Mom and Dad came in town.  They’re supportive like that.
Great.  We’re all caught up.
At the event I met Jason Cheek, the chef at KO Prime, who had taken my recipe and turned it into something magical.  He brought the decorations too.  It’s like he read my mind.
For the most part, he kept the components of the recipe the same, he just turned everything up a notch.  He braised the lamb instead of roasting it, which was a huge improvement, he house smoked some cotija cheese which was out of this world, and he topped the whole thing with house pickled red onions.  I wanted to take a vat of them home with me.  I didn’t.
Once the event was in full swing, the chefs were busy assembling tacos, while I stood next to the table, smiling, with a glass of wine, talking to people about my recipe.
As people entered, they were given a wooden chip, which would be their one vote for the evening. Meanwhile, tacos were served, consumed, and voted for.  After a while, all the votes were in and tallied and we waited to see who was going to go home with that awesome trophy.
My mom looked like that the entire time.  Smiling just like that.
And the runner-up is…. US!  I’ve never been called a runner-up; it sounds so much more glamorous than second place.  I did not get the trophy, but I did get an awesome hat.
Feels like winning to me!
Basically, I had a blast.  I met some really great people, got to eat some amazing food, and was able to talk about food, which I obviously love (see: Right Here. You’re reading it.  Right now.)
It was loads of fun and I wish all of you could have been there.  Hopefully there will be more events like this in the future!

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