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Giveaway: Reclaimed Fabric Aprons by Mrs. Cochran Designs

Did you guys know that I have super talented friends?

They’re also really entrepreneurial.

And pretty.

The blonde one, Katy, and her business partner Kate, own a wildly successful Floral business in Dallas called Stems of Dallas that creates the most beautiful, lovely, feminine, special, creative, amazing floral arrangements.  If you live in Dallas and need flowers, you’re silly if you go anywhere else.  For real.

Also, check out their blog.  Sometimes I just go there when I need to look at something pretty.

They were mentioned in the Dallas Morning News, which I may or may not have on my refrigerator.  It’s creepy, but I’m cool with it.

They were also mentioned over at Daily Candy and in The Knot Texas June issue.  Did I mention they started this in Kate’s back house?

Did I mention they’re rock stars?

Did I need to?

Which brings me to my next question:

Do you love free stuff?  

Great.  Let’s move on.

My other super talented, entrepreneurial friend Amy recently started making aprons out of vintage materials.  Mrs. Cochran Designs takes vintage tablecloths, pillows, napkins–anything really, and sews them into adorable aprons.  She just started a couple of weeks ago, and she already has an Etsy store and has orders just pouring in!

And, because she’s nice and she likes me, she sent me one!

How cute is that?

Did you know, too, that cats with wonky ears love aprons?  It’s definitely the strings.

That’s not all… check it:

Yep!  That’s my “logo,” if you will.  She hand stitched that.  Like, by hand.  She’s a rock star too.

Oh. I’m sorry. Did you want one?

Maybe this one?  For free?

Well lucky you, because Two Recipes is giving away that very same apron!  Just follow a couple of quick steps and you’re entered to win!

Here’s How to Enter:

First, go to Mrs. Cochran Designs Blog.  Look around, stay awhile!

Then, if you’re on Twitter, follow @MrsCsDesigns and @HatsTwoRecipes!

Finally, leave a comment on this post answering What is your ideal meal?  Do you love a big, hearty pasta?  Maybe a juicy steak?  Maybe it’s not in you’re kitchen at all, in which case, which restaurant do you go to?  Can I come?

The contest will run until Sunday night at midnight, and the winner will be announced Monday morning!

Fun, right?

Good luck!


First and foremost, you all are awesome.  Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.  I used something very official called a random number generator to pick the winner because honestly it would have been impossible to pick myself, even if I was picking blindly out of a hat.

That said, we have a winner!

Simona, lucky number 14, who said “My ideal meal varies by the day, but it would most definitely include something chocolate for dessert!” is our lucky winner!

Simona, I completely agree.  Any meal is ideal when chocolate is involved.

Contact me at to collect your super stylin’ new apron!

Thanks everyone for entering… and stay tuned!  This was so much fun, there might just be more giveaways in the future!

14 thoughts on “Giveaway: Reclaimed Fabric Aprons by Mrs. Cochran Designs

  1. Oooh, I love contests. And your blog. And those aprons. Favorite meal. Grilled chicken breast on top of a salad full of good stuff – cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, sunflower seeds, olives, etc. Delicious! Madelyn

  2. Yay! This apron is really cute, you DO have talented friends.

    My ideal meal, which instantly makes me think of summer, is a nice grilled steak, with roasted brussel sprouts and MUFFINS. Loads of muffins. Add some wine and a porch and I'm good to go. (Elaine and Bruce can watch enviously from a window).

  3. Definitely, my ideal meal involves feta, sundried tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. On some crunchy yummy crusty bread. All washed down with a glass of ménage a trois. Finished off with just a taste of dark chocolate.

    And the three of you are so much fun to track! I'm so proud of you girls…

  4. First of all, did I mention how cool you are?? Your recipes, your wittiness…so impressed with you.

    Secondly, Thanks for the Stems shout out! You truly are our number 1 fan:)

    Thirdly, everyone buy Amy's aprons! I'm receiving mine next week- Hats, you and I can attest to the fact that she truly has talent at this… was she 7 when she started making her own clothes for the fun of it?!

    Fourthly, I'm definitely going to have to go with anything involving goat cheese, truffle oil and a rich cabernet, sign. me. up.

    YOU rock.

  5. Well, my ideal meal is a delicious grilled steak, rosemary roasted potatoes and tomato salad with fontina cheese, and of course a glass of wine, location my lanai or at the beach watching the sunset.

  6. You guys are talented! My favorite meal is homemade pizza with tons of roasted veggies. I love Mark Bittman's whole wheat dough (his cookbook “How to cook everything” is amazing!).

  7. Thats Easy! Breakfast! Homemade Waffles with syrup, blueberries, eggs (made all ways) strawberries, and grilled tomatoes on the side. and coffee of course. Always good!

  8. You're not only a great cook, you're an amazing photographer! Well done! Thanks for announcing this at the meeting — I'm glad I finally checked it out!

    As for my ideal meal, I like a meal that leaves me feeling satisfied yet light afterwards. I like to eat and be able to go out for a run within 20 minutes if I want.

  9. Yay! I want this! Pick me!
    OK, my ideal meal right now cuz it's summer would be fresh pesto with linguine or fettucine, some yummy homemade bread, and a strawberry rhubard crisp. Or pie. And some sort of cocktail or sangria with some fizz.

  10. Hatsie-this is amazing! Your blog is inspiring me to get off the couch and do some cooking!
    My ideal meal is anything Mexican-tacos, enchiladas, burritos! Always with fresh guacamole and a little bit of hot sauce!

  11. I've really enjoyed getting updates and glimpses into your culinary life outside the fellowship through your blog — it's great! You know what else is great? Protecting my clothes from kitchen messes. I'm in the market for a cool apron….

    My ideal meal varies by the day, but it would most definitely include something chocolate for dessert!

  12. Hatsie! I'm so impressed with your blog:) I also love the logo, did you design that yourself? Super cool, thanks for the foodie inspiration, I can't wait to try out some of these recipes with my new apron!

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