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Cook: Late Night Pasta with a Spicy Garlic Sauce

When I was living in Italy, a friend and I got home quite late and as late night revellers are wont to do, we ate. Instead of grabbing a burrito, as I would have in Texas, or even something at the amazing falafel stand at the corner, we made pasta.  It was made of only four simple ingredients but I remember thinking it was the best plate of pasta I’d ever made.  It could have seemed so good because the four ingredients were from Italy and as you all know, I believe everything from Italy is inherently good.  Or it could have been that we had finally found our culinary niche.

Nope.  Neither.

I think it was so unbelievably good because it was so unbelievably late.

I remember thinking there was something so taboo, so Italian about eating pasta past dinner time.  It was such a thrill, and I remember this as being one of my most authentic experiences.

OK, so most of my “authentic experiences” in Italy were about food and drink.

It was still great.

Although this is not the recipe I made that night, the pasta dish I found on The Amateur Gourmet called Weary Traveler’s Pasta immediately reminded me of my Late Night Pasta experience in Florence.  It was simple, it had minimal ingredients with maximum flavor, and it looked so good.

If you read this recipe or this one you know about my affinity for anchovies.  I honestly my life got better when I first discovered the joys of anchovy paste, and have since looked for any recipes that would include it.  I know some of you aren’t ready for the anchovy.  I wasn’t either.  I recommend easing into the flavor; that Pasta Puttanesca would be a great start.  Once you’ve eased in, then dive in with this recipe.  Don’t think, just embrace the salty, briny, fishy goodness that are anchovies.

I used my Sweet Red Onion Linguini for this pasta because I really wanted to try it, but Spaghetti or regular Linguini would be perfection as well.

I was a little concerned that the garlic would be overpowering because there was so much of it and it wasn’t minced, but the garlic was mellow and provided just the right amount of bite.  The anchovies were salty and, yes, just a little fishy but only in the best way possible.  This was easy to make and so easy to eat.  I loved every bite.

Go Here for the recipe!  And eat anchovies!  Hey, that would be a cool T-Shirt…

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