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List: Why My Mom is Awesome

It’s Mothers day, and I know everyone says this about their Mom, but for my money, my mom is truly the best.


Why My Mom Is My Favorite Mom, a List:

1. She’s caring.

2. She’s fun.

3. She’s really funny.

4. She’s a great cook and she cares about healthy eating for all of us, even when the rest of the family gives her flak about using fat free sour cream.

5. She likes to talk to me on the phone any time of the day.

6. She’s OK with me living thousands of miles from Texas, though she does call it “unnatural.”

7. She likes to look forward to something exciting, which means exciting things are always happening around her.  You definitely want to be her friend.

8. She’s always on our side.  Always.

9. She rescues animals without question and is the reason I can’t live without something furry in my house, even if that furry creature is a codependent, clumsy mess and isn’t happy unless he’s laying on or across me.

10. She supports me, is proud of me and is my biggest fan, which is actually pretty incredible considering sometimes I don’t deserve a fan, much less a biggest one.

Mama, you know I love you more’n my luggage.  (Name that movie)

Spud!  I’m a chain!  (same movie)

Love you, Mama!

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