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Cook: Prosciutto and Brie Sandwich

I love the idea of a sandwich.  It really is the perfect vehicle for so many different ingredients and I think you can’t go wrong with one.  It can be very basic or very up-scale.  Sandie’s can do so much!  When I don’t have leftovers for lunch, I will pack a turkey and Swiss on plain ol’ white bread and some cheez-its and call it a day.  Sandwiches are so easy, so good, and so versatile.

With all my time at home this week, I decided to branch out some of my cooking endeavors to the lunch category.  I bought some ciabatta rolls at the store and some Prosciutto and some Brie cheese and settled to the task of making a fancy, beautiful, but oh-so-easy sandie.

I split the ciabatta roll and very very thinly spread a mixture of mayonnaise and Dijon mustard.  The spread wasn’t enough to overpower the meat and cheese ingredients but did impart some flavor.  I then put some salt and pepper on the bread to season the sandwich.

I added some soft, creamy Brie cheese and some salty Prosciutto.  I would have used arugula but I didn’t have any.  And it worked just fine without it, really.  Next time, though….

I also added something else.  And you’re going to have to stick with me.  Trust me.  Trust the process.
I also spread a wee bit of hot pepper jelly between the Brie and the Prosciutto.
I know what you’re thinking: Woah, woah, woah.  What?  Who does she think she is?  (And what is hot pepper jelly?)
But fig jam is something that is pretty common on prosciutto and brie sandwiches.  Brie cheese pairs well with sweet things.  So, I had pepper jelly left over from an appetizer that I like, and I was feeling adventurous so I did it.  Watch out, world.  Hot pepper jelly!
It was really, really good.  Yes, it was a little weird.  But weird is good, I think.  And this sandwich was weird and good.  Good and weird.
Bottom line, sandies rock.

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